Property Inventory Services with online booking and management system

At Property Ground we have an inventory system that acts as a management solution for any real estate professional. It helps to keep, monitor and track home buyers inventory of properties, thus enable them get their listings on the internet with free, and easy to use internet-based real estate management tools. Why choose Property Ground for all your inventory of properties? We offer professional, independent and impartial inventories with the following features:

  1. Fast, thorough reports
  2. Highly competitive rates and  high quality photos
  3. Fully insured for public liability and professional indemnity
  4. Last minute & urgent jobs catered for (including Sunday & Bank holidays)

We conduct property inventories to accomplish the following goals:

  1. Provide the home owner or landlord with a target value while selling their property in today’s real estate market
  2. Provide up-to-date management information that is necessary for planning as well as valuation purposes
  3. Help in the due diligence of property disposition or acquisition

At Property Ground, we listen to all our potential clients to know exactly what they want to do with their property and then carefully design an inventory plan that meets their objectives. With our team of professionals, you can rest-assured to get the best inventory plan designed for your property listings. They will strive to plan and conduct incredible inventories that can achieve more than one objective at the same time. We use proven statistical methods to develop perfect inventory plans for any kind of real estate project within a specified time frame. Property Ground has experienced and qualified team devoted solely to designing, analyzing and conducting property inventories.

Want to save time and unnecessary hassle? Call us on 02082002342 for more information on real estate property inventories!

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