Floor Plan

Estate agents Floor plans for property marketing

One of the effective real estate property marketing tools, mostly sought after by many buyers in the market, is an incredible floor plan of your new home. It is important to note that not all floor plans designed are equal. At Property Ground we provide accurate and detailed floor plans for real estate agents as well as their clients. Pr-inspection, a well drawn real estate floor plan will help buyers and other interested parties understand a property’s flow thus visualize how its constructed spaces will effectively work for them. Post-inspection, a professional plan is a fantastic reminder of layout that allows potential buyers to picture living in those homes by mapping out all their furniture placements. Real estate plans at Property Ground are useful for the out-of-town home buyers or those buyers who miss the pre-inspection, helping to convey an unseen new property to life at the same time maintaining their interest. Similarly, including a floor plan on signboards can greatly generate interest locally, thus driving inspection numbers which in turn brings competition.

There are different types of floor plans available at Property Ground depending on your home’s distinctive features. The most basic floor plans are drawn in white and black. You can try colored plans in case you need something more appealing to the eye. For those who want to show off their homes’ external and internal finishes such as decking or tiles, they can try out a textured floor plan. We add furniture in our floor plans to give our esteemed buyers a rough idea of all potential furniture placements. For large properties, we offer site plans that feature a home’s unique floor plan relative to the grounds or gardens, including outbuildings and prominent external features. Such plans are ideal for showcasing big blocks, multiple dwellings or sub-division potential.

Floor plans at Property Ground are a great way to bring an unseen new property to life. Call us on 020 8200 2342 for more information!