We provide commercial and residential EPC certificate around london area

At Property Ground we provide both commercial and residential EPC’s. Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) are usually needed whenever property is being built, sold or rented. We offer EPCs for all potential tenants and buyers before they can market their property to rent or sell. According to law, tenants or buyers must display EPC somewhere inside their property, e.g. next to the boiler or the meter cupboard where it is easily visible. An EPC usually contains the following information:

  • Information about the property’s energy use as well as typical energy costs
  • Some recommendations on how to minimize energy use and save cash

EPC Energy Performance CertificateOur EPC gives your property an incredible energy efficiency rating which ranges from A (most efficient) to G (least efficient) which is valid for at-least 10 years. In order to get an original EPC you need to find fully accredited assessors. At Property Ground we offer fully accredited assessors to help you when selling and renting out your new home. Our professional assessors will assess your property after which they will provide the certificate. It is important to understand that relevant authorities can fine you for failing to get an EPC for your property if needed. If you are renting or buying a house, the letting agent or landlord must be in a position to show you the Energy Performance Certificate before finalizing on the payment.

Property Ground EPCs for buildings offer great transparency on the modern day real estate market. Everybody in the real estate market benefits from high energy efficiency in the buildings, from tenants and owners to the economy and the environment. Thus, our Energy Performance Certificate will help recognise and exploit more savings potentials in today’s building sector. EPC puts all buildings under the microscope. The EPC helps buyers and tenants estimate the entire building’s energy charges before they can sign any contract. Order you EPC today at Property Ground before you get into this sector of energy-efficient refurbishment.