Elevated Photography

Elevated Photography with new technology Drone for property developers

Property Ground offers a wide variety of aerial footage for different uses. We target everything from elevated photography and aerial video for commercial and residential real estate properties for promotional, MLS style listings, extreme sports, weddings, events and parties and many more! Our services include the production of elevated photography and property video using high-end technology. Our team uses professional tools to generate high definition quality photos. Video of the property is captured in excellent resolution of 1080p high quality definition video. We take 16-22 megapixel high resolution still images. Our cameras are attached to independent gyro servo as well as vibration eliminating gimble a feature that eliminates any chances of aircraft wobble thus producing smooth and level content. Any photo shot above the ground level is said to be aerial photography.

At Property Ground, we utilize advanced proprietary all-rotor drone helicopter technology in capturing crisp, high resolution photos and smooth stabilized 1080p HD videos from vantage points which can’t be obtained by using any other method. We use drones for capturing high quality aerial images since it is safer, more affordable, quieter, and provides perfect imaging compared to traditional aircraft. Our team of professionals uses full-scale helicopters in cases where high altitudes of over 400ft are needed.

If you desire to get high in your property, then elevated pole photography is the answer. Elevated photography is sometimes known as low-level aerial imagery. Elevated photography is the best method to show the size of your home or the surrounding views. If your home is high up let’s say on a hill, it is advisable to use elevated pole photography rather than the traditional photography. In additional, we use elevated photography in case your home is aesthetically challenged. This goes a long way in creating more attention on the overall size of your home and gives a new perspective to it.